Crew Access Learning Roadmap
AS Flight Attendants

Please Note: Due to flight attendant feedback the look and feel of Crew Access has changed since launch and is continuing to evolve. The videos below walk through the system's general functionality and the processes to complete different types of trades.

Getting Started (Video Tutorials)

  1. Quick Tour (06:32)

  2. Using the Trip Pool (03:03)

  3. Setting Search Filters in the Trip Pool (03:45)


Exchanging Trips (Video Tutorials)

  1. Advertising a Trip (01:51)

  2. Picking Up/Self-Assigning and Grabbing a Trip (02:09)

  3. Dropping a Trip (01:10)

  4. Direct Trading a Trip (01:29)

  5. Open Time Trading (01:31)

  6. Crew-to-Crew Trading (01:16)

  7. Trading Recurrent Training Activities (01:46)

  8. Splitting a Trip (01:26)

Other Functionality (Video Tutorials)

  1. Shifting Reserve Days (00:51)

  2. Working with Notifications (02:20)

  3. Working with Reports (02:57)

If you experience issues playing video tutorials, please call ITS Service Center (Mobile Device Support, Option 4) at 1-877-238-1077.


Quick Reference Guides

  1. Quick Tour ( Formatted for IMD)

  2. Icons and Calendars ( Formatted for IMD)

  3. Parts of a Trip ( Formatted for IMD)

  4. Trip Pool Filters ( Formatted for IMD)

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